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Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD is located in the Panyu district of Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province of China with our main factory built up in January, 2004. Situated near two very famous ports, which are the HuangPu Port and Nansha Port, but also not far from Baiyun Airport makes our location both convenient to transport commercial machines for delivery as well as for customers to visit our company showroom which includes a full tour of our facilities.


Our company specializes in the research, design and production of ice machines. Our production usually consists of large ice cube machines, ice block machine, ice making machine, ice plate machine, ice tube machine and shaved ice machines which includes manufacturing necessary accessory products. Cold rooms, crane, ice crushing machines and so on are also within our realm of experience.

Our top quality products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and CE certificate. We are always paying attention to the service conditions of our products, having a respectable track record with more than 400 customers in more than 30 countries with our best customers from Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America. This has afforded us a rich experience with our various clients accompanied by valuable data which constantly improves our products for different environmental conditions.

Brine Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

This will be a brief introduction of the brine refrigeration block ice machine by us at CBFI. We use brine as a refrigerating medium to freeze water in various ice forms. Further research will reveal there is a strict requirement about the density of brine and the advantages of using it. Within the following few paragraphs, I’ll briefly provide a professional introduction about it.

The reason we choose brine as the refrigerating medium is because water freezes at zero degrees celsius, while brine has a much lower freezing point. Therefore it can easily act as a refrigerating medium to freeze water.

The development of an ice block will need some brine to mix with water bring forth premium ice making output. Best preparation takes 20% salt, 80% water, so the brine doesn’t need to be changed everyday, and, no need to boost the salt either. Only when the density of salt is under 19%,do you need to add salt. If the density of salt is above 21%, then just add water.

Pay attention to the salinity in the salt brine with indicator tests and record it. Normally, you have to look at the salt brine every 72 hours, just in case.

Automatic Ice Block Machine

One of the ice block machines is automatic ice block machine which is among for commercial.In many of condition. Automatic ice machine the greatest features would be that the large-scale ice blocks no need salty water along with other cooling medium throughout the freezing period, when following the ice created, it’ll shedding in to the special ice contact convey device in the ice models, the entire span of ice developing is sanitary ,clean, it may achieve the edible request.
Automatic ice block machine lessen the manpower and material assets. Once the ice -making process is finish ,the providers provide serval types of equipment to transport the ice . For instance ,crane ,the can dump.

container ice block machine

The design of our container ice block machine is emerged to the worldwide standard container. The biggest block ice machine has two designs .There are two designs. One is 40 ft container that the output can achieve at 10 tons daily, another is 20 ft container which could produce ice get to 5 tons daily.

The mainframe, brine tank, ice melting equipment, ice falling equipment and water filling equipment are made in a single container, cellular phone, transportation and ice-making are convenient.

Containerized ice block machine can be an integrity machine that fit for that mobile supply water, vehicle installed, shipping installed, this machine designed multiple-hole supply water spray mind as well as the special crane to get in the ice, so making the event very convenience, lowering the significant load. Using the specialized processing for your container, growing the container warmth, anti-corrosion and anti-slide performance.


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